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Attorney Jeff Johnson

Principal Owner


​​I know what it’s like when tough legal problems come up, personally and as a small business owner.  I also know dealing with these problems yourself sometimes seems impossible, and finding a good attorney you can actually afford often is just as hard. That’s why, after more than 15 years representing corporate interests as a partner in big Austin law firms and the State of Texas as Assistant Attorney General, I started JRJ Law to focus only on making excellent legal services more accessible to people and their small and family-owned businesses.

I've helped clients solve their legal problems efficiently and effectively in state and federal courts in Texas and around the country in areas of law ranging from real estate, construction, copyright and trademark, general business disputes, family law, and criminal defense.  So whether your builder or contractor just didn't do the work they promised in the time they told you they would, you have an unreasonable neighbor who's threatening your property rights, you bought a house and later found problems no one told you about, you're bogged down in a difficult divorce, you're being evicted from your home, you were injured because of someone else’s mistakes, you've been accused of a crime, or you're facing any of a number of other legal difficulties, I can help.  Give me a call, and let's talk about how best to resolve the issues you're facing.

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